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Welcome to the Cristalens REVERSO® intraocular lenses calculator

This calculator helps you to select the best dioptric power for an optimized correction of your pseudophakic patients, to correct a potential refractive error. It was designed for Cristalens lenses for implantation into the ciliary sulcus, and can be used only with the model REVERSO®.

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Conditions of use:

The Cristalens REVERSO calculator is exclusively intended for helping the user to determine the recommended Cristalens REVERSO® intraocular lens. The use of the present calculator is strictly reserved to healthcare professionals specialized in ophtalmology. Calculated values and informations are provided as a guideline only, and cannot be warranted. In no event will Cristalens be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use of the calculator. The present calculator is owned by Cristalens, consequently the user may not copy, distribute or modify the calculator without Cristalens prior written authorization.

Cristalens Reverso Calculator v1.1

REVERSO® IOL selection


Spherical power range:
from -6.0 D to +6.0 D by 0.5 D

Spherical power range:
from -3.0 D to +3.0 D by 0.5 D

Addition range:
+1.50 D / +2.00 D / +2.50 D /
+3.00 D / +3.50 D

Addition choice: