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COVID-19: Breaking news !

Dear Partners,

In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, the CRISTALENS group has taken measures in order
to protect the people and the activities of our laboratory, by acting in a coordinated way,
thanks to our business continuity plans.

  • The accounting services will process your requests
  • The delivery service will process your urgent orders as soon as possible, for export please contact:
    Anne HERVO, your customer service manager at
    or Sabrina DUQUESNOY, your sales manager at

Be assured that we are doing everything we can to support you in this difficult time for all.

We take advantage of this message to salute the admirable work and dedication of all stakeholders
in healthcare centers, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.

In the near future, activity will start again, we will always be there to support the rebound
and the additional activity that it will generate.

We remain of course at your disposal to answer your questions.
Let’s be careful and stay optimistic

Best regards


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