Arnaud Brocq
Chairman and CEO
Alain Brocq
Founding President
Catherine Bidault
Administrative Financial Director
Emy Darragon
Quality Manager
Anissa Berrahou
Marketing Executive Assistant
Anne-Laure Henault
Sales Assistant
Stéphanie Desnoues
Product Manager packs, material, knives
Gilles Mamy
Sales Director
Hubert Hennion
Regional Sales manager North East, Central purchasing Manager
Bruno Boisnard
Regional Sales manager South West
Marjorie Félix
Regional Sales manager South East
Louis du Colombier
Regional Sales manager Ile de France
Patrick Gobin
Regional Sales manager North West
Guy Fourcade
Equipment & Implants Manager
Vincent Giorgini
South West Regional commercial
Denis Delage
Alain Brocq
Founding President
Catherine Bidault
Financial and administrative Director
Sabrina Duquesnoy
International Sales and Marketing Development
Delphine Lacambre
Sales Manager
Anne Hervo
Customer Service Manager
Nadège Noel
Quality / Materiovigilance Manager
Pascal Perani
Quality Director
Charisse Peploe
Global Marketing Event Manager
Dylan Antrig
Social Media / Digital Marketing Assistant