Who are we?

Founded in 1994, CRISTALENS was initially a distributor of medical devices for cataract surgery.
In 2006, the company created its own production unit of hydrophilic and hydrophobic intraocular lenses.
In 2008, it has developed a new hydrophobic raw material (phenoxy ethyl acrylate) that allows less than 2.0 mm micro incisions.
In 2013, Cristalens received the Industrial Innovation prize with this invention.

Cristalens Industry, gender equality in 2022 : 96/100.

By choosing CRISTALENS you are collaborating with a laboratory that has a total mastery of its profession: from raw material production to packaging, with three key words:

Patient safety




CRISTALENS and patient safety

CRISTALENS makes every effort to ensure optimum protection for the patient.

  • CRISTALENS only works with ISO-certified suppliers that are respected in the ophthalmic industry.
  • Its production unit offers clean rooms which are more efficient than standards requirements
  • CRISTALENS is NF EN ISO 13485 certified .
  • All our intraocular lenses are ce_0459

CRISTALENS and innovation

CRISTALENS received in 2013 Research and Innovation Prize for the creation of its new hydrophobic material associated with its monofocal and toric micro-incisions lenses.

By integrating doctors in chemistry and optics, engineers in biomaterials and optical into its research and development team, and by collaborating with the largest French universities, CRISTALENS prepares the future implantable devices with complex optic.

Cristalens and production

No operation is outsourced. CRISTALENS has made the choice to control its whole production line from manufacturing its own hydrophobic material to the packaging.

We use only latest-generation equipment connected to automation systems.

CRISTALENS and distribution

CRISTALENS has built up a very long experience of distributor based on its own sales French network since 1994. We have well integrated all the key issues a distributor has to face, therefore CRISTALENS ensures you:

  • to be supported in all your registration procedures,
  • to benefit from our presence at your National Congress,
  • to be support in your demonstrations,
  • to be heard in the case of special needs
  • to be delivered on time


Furthermore, we have been able to develop an important export business. This development will be even more important in the coming years through an international distributor network increase. For further information, please contact us.